the rusty hatchet!

new server to rust. always looking for admins to help out and will be picked from players who are active and helpful. pvp is on sleepers is off crafting is istant!
air drops are on and will be on 10 players min or random thoughout the day if admin is online. looking to add events onto the server ideas welcomed by everyone will be doing random house giveaways new player welcomed. stop in and take a look.
sleepers are off night has been reduced to half the normal time.

currently looking for more admins that are active thoughtout the day. please be 16 and older not looking for rust experts but at least have the basics to survive witouth too much help
pm me details plase be 16 and older and understand you will not be getting full access to the server and if caught abusing players ie griefing killing using god mode to do what you want i will suspend your admin account

(To connect to the server press F1 when you have loaded up the game, Copy Paste this: net.connect

  • Press Enter, and wait)