The Rusty Krab PVP/SLP 100 player Wiped on 12/29


IP: Chicago based

I would like to welcome you to play on our new server, The Rusty Krab! It is a 100 player server but if we can start to fill it up we will consider expanding it out to 150 players. What you can expect:

*PVP - We do not tolerate griefing structures.
*Admin available on a daily basis (not 24/7 but on just about every day). No admin abuse, we want fair and fun play.
*Steam Page:
*Currently low populated - server has been up for 2 days only with a usual population of 15-30. Tons of prime real estate!
*Friendly community - The server is owned by me (Gabbro) and fRooD, we are the only admins at this time but will add more. We want to promote a healthy PvP environment as well as help populate the server.
*Raidcall Group ID: 7814340 We also can set up a Mumble server if it is wanted.
*Airdrops - not common, will drop if there are 50 players or more.

We welcome all players! Please feel free to ask here, in-game or check out our Steam page if you have any questions. Thanks!

The Rusty Krab has been operating without any issues today! Thanks to those of you that have stopped in so far :slight_smile:

We have reset the server and will not do any airdrops. Reset on 1/2, will not be resetting for a good while now!