The RV from War Z

I fixed up the RV model from War Z. I retextured and cleaned it up, added windows, added a door, and attempted to make normals for it. I was wondering if someone reliable could help me get it rigged up for Gmod.

Preferably someone who knows what they’re doing… so stuff like skin/bodygroups, work with vmts, as well as actually getting it done. Hopefully someone can help and thanks. I’ll post the model through PM or something to the person that’ll be doing it.

EDIT: Nevermind, that didn’t take long. Thanks Katazuro.

Wow, you should send this to the warz devs, tell them this is what they should have made for warz. XD Good job tho! looks awesome!

If you make one model sans wheels one can make an SCars variant of it…

Looks like an 80s Winnebago. I love it.

Sorry for the bump, but do we have an ETA yet?

No clue, the guy I sent it too hasn’t even started on it. I assumed he was going to start on it immediately but nope.