The RYsing - Zombie RPG Gamemode

(Please Ignore the title the zombies are not the main factor of the mode, there are zombies in it but there are even more different kinds of creatures, besides the main factor is the rpg aspect of it)

The RYsing is a zombie RPG styled gamemode in development by me(My steam name is Rydr, hence the name the RYsing)

This is not like Zombie Survival at all really unless you want it to be but it is suppose to have a different aspect while you are playing it.

The Gamemode will take place on GM_Bigcity, hopefully an edited map but right now i’m having troubles decompiling so I am just placing everything on the normal GM_Bigcity for now.

Features will include(Finished features will underlined)
Day, Night Cycle
Various Zombie Spawns -Various zombies such as running zombies, slow zombies etc.
Armory -Where your weapons will be placed when bought
Shop -Where to buy weapons
Credits - earned from killing zombies
Leveling up
Earning PlayerModels
As you level up you will basically get more stats and you can be able to get more player models (and some weapons but most are bought.)

I will post screens later in development, It’s too early right now for anything to be shown.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests post em here.

This will probably be released in a few weeks to a month, but not any time soon as I have finals in school currently.

Since contentless threads are bannable I will post some VERY early alpha pictures of the gamemode

Keep in mind these are from when I first started the development and is no where near complete. -When I just got the basic things work far from the state of the gamemode now.

you gotta be shitting me another zombie gamemode

With the aspects of an RPG.

Basically imagine it as a combination of OCRP with Zombie Survival without being able to become a zombie.

No, this is different in more of a larger RPG aspect, this one is highly based on leveling up by killing the enemy whether it be weak zombies, large irradiated zombies or looters. From what I read the only similarities are experience and zombies, and the experience adds only stamina from what it looks like.

Why do people feel the need to make threads with next to no content?

This thread was for any suggestion, requests or questions before I got further in to development. Though future content will be added in about a week.

Lots and Lots of zombies.

Well, this is my view of it:
if you have just started on the gamemode and have little to no content, don’t make a development thread of it.

Other than that, good luck with this.

Someone should make Human Survival.

Instead of living the life and surviving as a human… you survive has a zombie…