The Saboteur Character Models

The Saboteur

Models In format .3ds with textures

attention!!: the models will continue to rise over the next days

the following models are avalaible for now:


Oh hell yeah, this is awesome.

oh fuck yes

Nice ones


Wish I knew how to get them to work. v:v:v

Wow the TF2 medic got a new gasmask.

Well… Do it people!

Oh fuck yes!. Someone has to do the terror squad, and the gas mask jerries.

Beautiful models but I would love to have the vehicles. :smiley:

Fuck yeah!!

Is there a way to download all the models at once?

Yes. Tick the boxes when you go to mediafire and then press “Download Selected Items”.

I’f someone is going to do this. Please do the nazi’s first.

Thank you very much for this release!

It will be a GREAT addition to my WW2 :smiley:

Eh, if they do, at least get models that we don’t have already. So this means try to focus on officers and the NCO guys. And for God’s sake, get them civilian models.

downloaded for that one naked lady.

What is it about trench-coat donning, german-style-helmet-and-gasmask wearing soldiers that makes them so strangely enjoyable to look at?

It’s the stuff evil empires are made of…

oh god those trenchcoat guys
they’d be PERFECT for a Zee Captain lookalike hack

I guess we just miss those sour krauts.