The saboteur models

I was thinking maybe someone could port the following things from The Saboteur:


Sean Devlin
Sean Devlin in racer clothes
Dierker ( The motherless arsefaced knobjockey)
S.S soldier
Nazi sniper
Terror Squad soldier


Sean Devlin’s car (Aurora)
Nazi Plane
Nazi zepplin

If one of you are in a generous mood maybe you could make the characters npc’s (Make sure that the Sean, Jules, Skylar, and racer Sean NPC’s are classed as rebels and the S.S soldier, Dierker, Nazi sniper and terror squad soldier are classed as combine)

If I recall correctly, the saboteur is a ps3 exclusive, wich means no porting.

Nothing at all.

You fail. It was also released on PC and ( not sure ) Xbox360.

Well, you recall completely wrong. The Saboteur is for all platforms, including PC.

Yes, it is for PS3, XBox 360 and PC next to the pictur it says what platforms it is for.

Oh well, just give me the boxes I already have mountain of.

“Oh well, just give me the boxes I already have mountain of.”

I don’t understand that. What boxes?

The kind of boxes I just gave you. (hint: it starts with a D)