The Sack Game

Now, I’m not sure this is an off topic chat thread or what, but it’s a nice megathread game to play if there is enough participation. Basically, you have a sack in Gmod that you cannot delete. You try and keep the sack forever by doing whatever you possibly can think of. I’m the one who will spawn the sack, and only one sack will ever be in this thread, it cannot be respawned or duplicated. I’ll start off.

I take the sack and no collide it into a box.

Now you think of some way to get the sack and keep it for as long as possible.

color tool, alpha 0.

i win

Making it visible again by using my Aimbot.

Using a Adv. Ballsocket to make the sack fall trough the world.
I win! :smiley:

I use phys gun to pick up the sack before it falls through the ground and weld it to me. Also I activate god mode by typing “sv_cheats 1” than “god”. Muwhaha.

Zoom in.
Remover tool.

What did you remove? The sack? Me?


Ctrl+Remover Tool

All connecting entities.

I get rcon and disable cheats and god mode. I then kill Zye and weld the sack to my jeep.

I undo the sack.

You win. :frowning:

I respawn the sack and parent it to world.

You fail, sir.

I throw the sack in to a dumbster


And then I burn the sack in the dumpster and eat the ashes.
I win.

Wrong sack, mate. The real one’s no-collided in a box.

I put a 999999999999999 force thruster on the sack. Adv ballsocket it to the ground, making it no collide to it. Then watch the server go ff

Delete thrusters, then put a dumpster on it.

Noclipping into the dumpster and nocollide it out and teleports it into the skybox and deletes Wire mod.
Now what?

Some guy disabled sv_cheats 1, so I got the aperture science portal gun and use it to get the sack back. Then I make in invisible, no collide with everything, adv ballsocket trick, and lastly, I make a random server, max 1 player, the sack falls through the ground then I delete the server.