The Sacrifice Tank

I don’t know where to put this post sorry if it’s on a wrong side.

I tried to put the Tank of the train form the DLC “The Sacrifice” of L4D/L4D2 extracting the pack01_dir with Gibbed.Valve.ExtractPackage.

Then I put the materials\models\infected\hulk (there are hulk_traincar_01.vmt, hulk_traincar_01.vtf and hulk_traincar_01_normal.vtf) to my material\models folder of Gmod.

After that I put the models\infected (there are hulk_dlc3.mdl, hulk_dlc3.phy, hulk_dlc3.vtx and hulk_dlc3.vdd) to my models\infected\NewTank( a new folder I created) of Gmod.

Ingame I tried to put the new Tank, but the ragdoll was invisible, I can move it, but can’t see it.

Sombody know what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks and sorry is my English is bad.

Did you even bother searching?


Thanks :smiley:

I tried searching but it says:

Searching has been disabled.

How about searching the release section, with your eyes and fingers.