The Safest Base Design!

IMO This is the safest base design for the lease amount of resources! Also with an insight on how to make it larger!

Let me know what you think down below! And if you have tried this technique then leave some feedback!

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Have a good day! :slight_smile:

For the many people who are defensive about base designs!:
I’m not here to argue with anyone. The base that I was trying to present in the video was the simple 5 foundation one. As an example I just showed how you could extend/build onto it if you so desire… No need for everyone argue over who’s base design is better. I just wanted to bring my concept to people attention!

every house a flaw. wouldn’t take long to figure it out. would be safer out of metal so people can’t see through the cracks.

You didn’t explain your point very well. Metal is easier to see inside of. And also the loot room has a foundation every side of it with a metal door.

Nice video. I will try out this base design :slight_smile: 4 C4 is a lot for a 5 foundation base, pretty smart.

Thanks man! Go for it! :slight_smile:

I’m actually going to use this :slight_smile:

Im 99% sure you can attach a foundation to that taller base even with the scattered pillared foundations around it.

Mine is for sure better for a start. It require just 3 foundation in a row. Of course it is better to think ahead and have spare place all around for more foundation and pilar. Not sure if it’s good because I’m not sure if pilar defend againts ladder correctly.

Than you need to go up with more story. More story you have more hard it is to raid.
So one of the 3 foundation is for the stair, one stair at one point. You need to alternate the stairs.

You should make it metal and then have them guess at each level where the stairs are increasing the amount of c4. The anti-raid pillars on the outside can still be wood if resources are an issue. Though I would put metal bars on the top just in case if someone trys to use the jump glitch and gets in by luck. Good design for such low resources and would be able to be hidden in rocks pretty well as well.

For a 5 foundation base its pretty awesome! As I said I use it all the time :slight_smile:

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But dude. a 5 foundation base that requires 4C4 to get to the loot room. Its a starter base. I just showed the bigger one as an example as to what you could do with it once you gather more resources. Its just my opinion, and I don’t doubt yours, but mine requires less resources as a starter base, that is necessary.

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I tried it. You can’t.

I agree with the small 5 foundation base, but the upgraded base you can ignore the first 5 doors by building a barricade infront the main entrance and jump from a large woodstorage up, placing a C4 on the wall over the main entrance…

If you send me a PM maybe I can show you my design. :wink:

So by barrier exploiting. Got it.

Seems like a pretty nice design to be honest. I’ll be sure to try it out when I actually play next time.

It was just an example as to how you could extend the design.

Of course, the safest base design is one that people don’t have the blueprints for, knowing exactly where you want to end up in a base is what makes a lot of people expend C4 on empty decoy storage spaces etc, so by posting this design on the forums it just means that a lot more people are aware of exactly how many C4 they need to pillage a base with this design.

I don’t think your take less ressource. Mine is 3 foundation for a start and your is 5.

Hi SkreamUK

Your video is great work! I enjoyed watching it very much. I wouldn’t try to improve the important knowledge you try to spread to the community, if I didn’t like the video.
Then I am sorry, but the video title is misleading. The first design is great, but the extension is easy to dodge half the doors and you suggest in your video that you will need 20 c4. I will need just 10. Thats a slight difference and “noobs” should know that, so I mentioned it and maybe you know the design I would like to share with you and you will make another great video and keep up the good work for the community.

I poked round one that you built on our server and was very impressed with the design

A 3 foundation base only requires 2 C4 since there is no center room… Its not safe at all compared to mine.

The only thing you can do in Rust is to minimize the used resources while maximizing the minimal required C4 to get to the important stuff. If you have a lucky path where they need 10 c4 to get the stuff and an unlucky path where they need 30, you wasted resources, because the minimal c4 they need is still 10! Better have guaranteed 20 C4 then lucky 10 to 30…