The Scavenger Cannon

SVN Relase is out! The SVN release includes the Scavenger Cannon addon, the SDM Mapping Tools addon, and the Scavenger Deathmatch gamemode.
SVN Repository URL:
Checkout Destination: garrysmod/garrysmod

Scavenger Cannon status: stable(ish?)
SDM Mapping Tools status: WIP
Scavenger Deathmatch: WIP

There are four weapons in the Scavenger Cannon addon: The Scavenger Cannon, the Backup Pistol, the Black Hole Gun, and the Alchemy Gun. Each weapon plays a unique role in Scavenger Deathmatch, the gamemode that grew out of my work on the Scavenger Cannon, which you can read more about below.

The Scavenger Cannon

The Scavenger Cannon is a weaponizer with an inventory system that can be accessed by the Reload key. The main way of acquiring ammo for the gun is the collection of objects using the weapon’s secondary fire. Most objects collected by the Scavenger Cannon are ejected at high speeds when fired; many specific objects, however, may be weaponized with special firemodes. For example, a dead grenade prop becomes live when fired. Using a can of propane that would normally do nothing more than collide with someone’s skull turns the Scavenger Cannon into a powerful flamethrower. Special “collectmodes” also exist, for example, picking up a car will disassemble it into car parts, or a single bundle of crossbow bolts becomes six crossbow bolts. A small number of items also have unlimited uses, like binoculars, bugbait, and the buzzsaw.

Sniper Rifle test:

Medigun particle test:
Demonstration of one of the many firemodes. Recorded by The True Mr. Jack:
JusticeInACan shows off the C4 Explosive firemode:

The Backup Pistol

The Backup Pistol is a standard pistol that fires a single beam with great accuracy. The gun uses your suit’s regenerating energy as ammunition, so you will never run out. The beam does greater damage to players that are already hurt, which makes it a good finisher weapon. Additionally, the weapon can be charged to fire up to ten beams at once in a spread with secondary fire, so if you have any time when you are alone you can prepare the weapon for a surprise blast.


The Black Hole Gun

The Black Hole Gun uses collected matter to fuel its portable gravity manipulator. By using secondary fire, you can draw an object into the gun and convert its mass into ammunition. The gun can carry up to 1000 Kilograms of ammunition at once, and can be charged up from 50 to 250 kilograms per shot. While charging the weapon, you can give it waypoints based on where you are looking by pressing the reload key. When the charge is released, a Gravball flies out of the gun from waypoint to waypoint and drags any nearby objects with it. the lifetime of the Gravball is dependant upon how long the weapon was charged. The Black Hole Gun makes a great support weapon, allowing its wielder to control the flow of ammunition on a map, create temporary barricades, or simply crush an enemy under a storm of junk from afar.

The Alchemy Gun

The Alchemy Gun is a tool capable of creating props from other props that have been melted down. Collecting an object with secondary fire melts it down into four elements: Chemical, Earth, Metal, and Organics. Stored elements can be used to create new objects through the alchemy menu, accessible via the Reload key. The alchemy menu includes several stock items that the Alchemy Gun will always know how to create. The Alchemy Gun also has a memory, allowing it to recreate anything that it has previously melted down. After selecting what kind of prop you would like to create, you can make a projection of it with Primary Attack. The projection is held in front of you, can be rotated with E, and can absorb damage at the cost of suit energy, but careful not to let it get overloaded! Releasing Primary Attack will make the projection become real and drop it on the ground in front of you, whille pressing Secondary Attack will dissolve it and not consume resources.

**Scavenger Deathmatch **
Scavenger Deathmatch is a versatile gamemode that supports many different modes, like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, Cell Control, Hoard, and, if things go according to plan, a custom mode that allows users to set their own conditions for winning and losing. The gamemode can be run on any map, since all that is needed is the geometry, and of course a map for the engine to run; all ammo, powerups, triggers, game rules, spawn points, and other entities are stored in a text file that the gamemode loads on startup, meaning a single map can have many configurations and modes. Players can also vote for which configuration they want to play, and I may add support for uploading your own configuration files! The player is given the Scavenger Cannon and a second weapon of choice with which to do battle.

The Scavenger Cannon was started sometime during June of 2008 and has gone under several revisions and a complete rewrite. There are 90 firemodes at this time of writing and support for additional firemode packs exists.

The scavenger cannon seems very interesting to say the least. A multiweapon with several ammo modes that use up some form of ammo, that is rare to say the least.

The backup pistol seems to fit it’s name quite nicely.

The others seem useful though can’t wait for the release.

Im looking forward to videos for the other 3 weapons.

Seems to me people will be dying far too quickly in Scavenger Deathmatch.

Wow, this looks sweet. I can’t wait to try it out.

Pretty cool.

I hope you use Itemforge for this.

Looks so damn nice, hope you’ll release it.

It might have been a nice idea for itemforge, but as nice and promising as itemforge is, it would provide little to no benefit over the current and completed inventory system for the Scavenger Cannon. The system was designed and optimized specifically for the Scavenger Cannon, making it better for the job, and I think it’d be better to not have any dependency upon other addons.

Very good, mate. Looking forward to playing it, don’t know why more people haven’t replied, this is impressive to say the least. I like the dynamic ammunition fire modes.

Cool! And the scavenger cannon sounds like that prop cannon weapon in Fallout 3 (I forgot the name of it though.).

Anyways, this is very good!

Looks epic, for some reason it reminds me of ratchet and clank 3 :S

Well, after testing this out myself (and I do thank you for that) I have come to the conclusion that this mod is absolutely fantastic. This addon is more finished than most released mods, with a complete gamemode with objectives and a HUD and over 40 firemodes for the scavenger cannon. Suck up the portal gun? You get a teleporting firemode. Scav a rollermine? Instant laser beam. The alchemy system is also surprisingly robust and engaging. The one thing that peeved me was the fact that I was getting smashed by logs every minute in sawmill in scavDM, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? :clint:

Great job, mate, looking forward to more of your work.

Updated first post with new Scavenger Deathmatch gameplay video.

Either I missed something or it was boring as hell, you barely demonstrated anything, other than a few ammo types (you always get killed before using the interesting ones, such as the wood logs), and the Capture device for a few seconds halfway in the video. And those parts where you are idle for a few minutes ruined it.

But a video means nothing, I still see this gamemode has a lot of potential and is going to be truly awesome, so I’m really looking forward for it. :v: Also, what did the old Scavenger Cannon model and HUD become? They looked really awesome compared to what you have now.

To be honest, the only reason I put up the video is because I needed to get something out soon and I needed to free up 30GB of space being eaten up by the video files. It was a test run, so those parts where I was pausing I spent time helping people out. I’ll eventually get a trailer of sorts ready that will be much more polished. As for the old model and HUD… the old model was removed because most people felt it was an eyesore (including myself). I do plan on replacing it eventually. The HUD has been replaced with something more informative, and you may have noticed an inventory menu that opens up a few times during the video…

Is there a server for this, I want to see it in action D:

You should include a vacuum effect for the scavenger cannon. And include a supercharger firemode that lets you suck up living things a limited amount of times. (ammo)

The has to be the best SWEP iv seen in a while ( Actually, best SWEP iv ever seen )
The gamemode is a great way to implement the weapons by not using it in sandbox ( I think we all know what would then happen… ). It looks like a fast paced gamemode, not like Fort Wars or OSE. don’t get me wrong, those are fun there is just to many of those “Slow” gamemodes and i crave for something a little more fast pace death match’y ( If anyone has played Nexuis you’ll know what i mean )

The scavenger cannon is just great, but could you post a few more vids showing HOW exactly it works ( All i saw in the vids was you shooting stuff, not much of how you actually got the grenades, flame thrower etc, and it would be nice to see how it all fits together )

As for the other guns, i cant judge too much until i see them in action, but they still look very promising. Allso like how you have custom models ( cant stand great SWEPs with crappy vanilla models. Can’t blame em though, it’s really hard to find good modelers, and even harder to find one that can ( and will… ) animate )

Wish you all the best, and if you ever need a play tester im here = )


Sounds really awesome! So, will these be only availible in the gamemode, or can we use these in sandbox? I would really like to turn sandbox into a training map, so i can try out the scav functions and learn what I could do!

Hai its MG again.
I can’t help but wonder if people are just reading the thread and not posting, or if people just aren’t coming to the thread. I hope its just a whole bunch of non-posters, also can you post some more info/media?


I could see the Scavenger Cannon taking a seat in the same hall of fame as memorable weapons like Quake’s railgun, Half-Life 2’s gravity gun and Duke Nukem’s boot. :smiley:

For the models, you should mos def request some in the modelling section if you haven’t already. I bet there will be plenty of talented modellers that would love to be part of a project like this.


Yeah, that’s wierd. Maybe the thread title makes it sound like it’s just another 5-second SWEP so no-one clicks? Ghor, you might get more views if you remake this thread in gamemodes (it kindof belongs there anyway).