The Scenebuild Express has just left the station

could you gues what this was gonna be about?


  • my internet is absolute shit so don’t expect me to reply for abit
  • my second scenebuild to date
  • map is gm_flatgrass
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:golfclap: Looks very nice.

Stop lying, thats not a scene build…


nice scenebuild

What model did you use for the cliffs?

I think its a 3D skybox model but I could be wrong.

you are correct halflambada

looks great, too bad the image quality is rubbish

its on jpeg_quality 100, would that be imageshack’s fault?

definitely, imageshack compresses things pretty badly.

my internet hasn’t been working the best tonight, as soon as i get a chance I’ll reupload


i just reuploaded it

Great work.

Well done

That can’t be flatgrass…

It most certainly is my friend