The School of Garry's Mod

Scenebuild architecture modeled in Blender with a combination of Mask’s props. Probably close to 50 poses in this picture, the largest I’ve ever done.

This is based on Raphael’s School of Athens fresco in the Vatican:

Godray pass:

Also, just as in the original, decided to include the artist in it as well. :slight_smile:

-found it-

you haven’t spotted him?
cool pic! but i’d still love to see another comic from you! the recent ones were just superb!

Oh shit, yeah I see him now. Dunno how I didn’t before.

He’s a sneaky bugger.

Looks neat.

Counting 50 ragdolls, that’s a shitton of work but it obviously paid off. I would try adding in reflections on the marble floors, it’d look great here

Don’t know why, but i find that godray pass a very pleasant to look at.

Renaissance art is my absolute favorite. this is a nice homage to the School of Athens its too bad the workshop doesnt have more people from that era of time. clothing & hairwise