The School of Gmod.

I was making a picture based on The School of Athens (


Well I managed to get my save to load, but blurring is causing me crashes, so no bluring on this. Atleast I’ve finished it now;

Older version;

I love it when good ideas are executed very well.

Very good, no dupes I can see.

I wouldn’t of been able to use dupes, the picture I was working from wouldn’t allow that. I was going to add more additional props in the background but super super bluring hated me. I got it saved though so I might rework on this tomorrow.

The wideness is wonderful.

Vasili why don’t you make more comics?

You make the best shots as it is, why not add text? :v:

Very krasivo

I used to make a lot of comics. The problem is I have a very short attention span.

See, this is what I love to see in a GMod picture. No super duper Michael Bay style editing, nothing over the top, just some good heart put into the picture. Vasili, you never cease to amaze me. Fantastic job. I’d imagine you’d wear a look similar to your avatar after the comments you’ll receive on this picture (both told and untold).

Again, Great Job.

I updated the OP with a newer version, did some alterations.

Oooo I like the obelisks added and the statues.

This is pure win.

i’m def. the guy in the middle, haha

the lighting is pretty awful, though. i like how you tried to prevent the contrast from being too much (unlike some people like ben_wolfe who just remove contrast entirely and overblow highlights) but you ended up making certain areas too bright like the name I just mentioned. you should have used ingame color mod if that was an option cause it prevents that problem.

I’m like your example, star person these days. :v:

This guy is me, definitely.

Well I did use the colour mod, just I didn’t saturate the whole thing.

Wonderful posing.

Yeah, very good.

Vasali…You Are a GENIUS!!!

Holy tits.