The Scout Freezing his balls off.


Cubeupload version if you can’t see filesmelt

Like he has balls >.>


What was this thread good for?

What are you good for ?

Joke aside, as i said on Steam, that’s a good picture you made there ! I liek the smoke effect.

You’re gonna love my FROZEN nuts.


“This suck on ice!”

Nice pose.

I assume the crunches are his balls falling into the snow :fuckyou:

Nice job, you made it nice and cold lookin.

“Found my ball!”

“I love my ball!”

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

He has no balls

Hah, for a second I thought the crunches were his balls freezing off.

you should make a pic of him dropping his base balls. just an idea…

Heavy: “Wah hah hah! Whiney scout lost his balls! Come here everybody and see his frozen balls!”

Scout: Pyro can you warm my balls

Pyro: Mmfmfmfmfffpmffpfmf flamethrower sound

Scout: arrrhhggghghhghg!!!

sorry i just had to :v: