The Scout Laughing at the Soldier's Doll

I’ve been a bit apprehensive to post anything here, but here we go.

Just made a few touch ups on the grainy dynamic shadows and added the background blur in Photoshop.

Comments, critiques, and all that fun stuff is welcomed.

Angry face >:(

I don’t think the Soldier would appreciate getting laughed.


Soldier’s staring into your soul :eek:

I notice some clipping with the Soldier’s Left hand.

It’d be better if the soldier weren’t staring at the camera.

Oh my god he looks pissed…
That Scout will be no more…

Fast respawn

Where did the doll model come from?

How do you face pose the TF2 guys so well? I just can’t do it.

It’s a mod for the Equalizer or something.

Somebody hexed it and put it on

I thought it was the other type of “doll”

I like that pose but I can’t stop staring at the soldier’s left thumb. There might be something wrong with it… I just can’t pin it down.

It’s called an action figure

It’s clipping into the rod a little bit.



It’s actually good.

Can someone make an avatar with the soldier face ?

Love the faceposing.