The scout's darkest secret

basicly heavy finds out Scout’s gay

the video was made by me the audio by ubercookieboy

Gay jokes aren’t funny.

they can be
oh and just to let you guys know I don’t hate homosexuals in anyway i just tell you this before someone starts flaming

I loved the sound clip when I first saw his video. The video is ok, but it would have been cool if you made them talk with faceposing and stop motion with the words. You can easily do it with tf2 phnomes with the in game gmod faceposer. overall 6/10

thats what i call critisism

Yes I agree, homosexually is not a joke.

you’re gay :DDDDDDDDDD…

Stop being so fucking politicaly correct. Its funny

its poorly made, and I it was too… stupid.
Also not something to laugh about.
ahahah christains are dumb.

Gay joke = Christian :downsbravo:

Oh wow, I fucking lol’d

i’m glad you did

Repeat after me; MOMOMOMMOM IM FAT.

That bit, cracked me up, completely.

even though you made your video a responce to the orginal, you should put the orginal in the thread

i already told ubercookyboy made the audio file but yeah i’ll put thanks for putting it in anyway