The Scouts first Bonk induced hallucination and war to an Ant/

These aren’t meant to be C&C’d, I just felt like making the second after I found the prop resizer…which doesn’t let me turn props which is why it they’re all so straight, and the first because…of boredom I guess.

you’re not funny

When I get a good idea I am.

Lovin those 5 disagrees.

Did you just disagree with yourself?

Turn off restrict angles and you can turn them.

If you say these shouldn’t be C&C’d they probably should have gone here

Oh hey, a grenade without a pin or hammer that appears to have been laying on the ground for some time… next to a perfectly place helmet and one random shell. Also a very 2D building. I am rating this a gold… wait.

That’s the second picture, what about the first.


Probably right

It was not funny. Not even a smile.

I failed at my attempt then. Not like it’s never happened to comedians.


But your not a comedian.

I hope to be one day.

Now THERE’S humor!

Now THAT was mean.

Not like I care. Being able to make a rag doll stand right is in no way equal to being able to tell a joke with your voice.

ok can you tell me a joke ill tell you if i laughed

Jokes in text ain’t as funny. Still, I’ll try. Besides, It’s not like I care about your opinion since you’ll have 0 influence in my life. :downs:

i dont get it did he call the other kid a twig because hes a stick figure thats not funny

also why is part of his head bit off


ok i have a better joke want to hear it

Sure, let’s hear your bad joke.