The Screenshots Convention

With the influx of those “This is my facepunch” poses, I decided to actually finish this. I started this about three or four months ago. Decided to finish it now. Whatevs. Here you go.

Fyi I don’t like it.

Damn those models are sexy, I loled at uberslug and chesty’s magic.


i am not in the gallery

You’re in the vip gallery C:



What about me? :frowning:

I’m the motherfucking cat’s meow bitches.



I like you Hobo c:
Rate me gaybows

Thanks guys C:

You edited that father Grigori? damn it looks fucking High-res.

And nice pics, I chuckled :3

Why don’t you guys go make a map and put custom textures of there work in and all of you join and stop.


Where’s me?!

I only put people I remember vividly in it.
Friends and such. People who I scan the section for to go “Oooh look a new pose by (x)”