The SDK has been fixed!

Or so they say…


I just had the thing pop up.


No it didn’t. The grid is still missing. Among other things.

I already posted that half an hour ago. But I’d have to see if it works.


:neckbeard: :dance:

Fucking finally.

Holy shit fuck. How fast did they fix this problem, a week? It must be a record now…

Aw damn. The view ports are still broken when I open up Hammer via Episode Two under Source 2009 engine.

Actually, something peculiar is going on - the grid was missing for about a minute for me, a bit after I started hammer, and came back by itself for no reason. I didn’t close or anything.

Helllll yeahhh

Okay, so after pressing z on the 3d view, the grid goes out when I put my mouse over it, but if I press z on the 3d view again, and put my mouse over the grids, they come back.

Just kidding folks, my grid still isn’t working.

Episode Two works when you run it via Source 2007 engine. I posted about it in the update thread in the steam forums. Hopefully the Valve employee might give an answer.

I just saw that. It isn’t working with my mod for some reason :confused:

Ditto - The grid views are still missing in hammer and the models are still blacked out. The model editor also fails to load anything.

However they both work as expected if set to 2007. I guess I’ll just have to stick with that until they get around to actually fixing the sdk.

At least this means we wont have to mess around with the pre source binaries anymore

Episode Two is supposed to be run under 2007 guys. That would explain why it’s not working under 2009. If you reset your game configurations, you’ll notice that it doesn’t even show up under 2009 anymore. It’s not a bug, that’s the way it was intended.

Listen to this man.

Got to quote it twice if you hope to have facepunchers notice it.

Additionally, if you have a custom configuration for Garry’s Mod, you need to make that configuration under Source 2007 now.

It works just fine for me.

Reset configs/refresh content.