The Second Annual Beret Brothers Christmas Release Thread

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**Welcome to the Second Annual Beret Brothers Christmas Release Thread!**

Unlike last year, this year everything will be released on 24th, AKA today, In just few moments, the releases will be added onto this post as they are uploaded. There might also be some extra releases up to new year's eve.

Without further ado, let us start it off!


Enhanced Citizens V3, Now hexed, with New faces, new body textures and overall augmented look.[/release]


Ragdolled LAV-25 from Battlefield 2.[/release]


Ragdolled 2A65 Howitzer from Battlefield 2 Mod, Point of Existence 2.[/release]


Color STool enabled Mage from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (without a face).[/release]


Korro Bravin Special Flavor!
SSV Normandy SR-1, with fully collision modeled insides, for your maximum pleasure.
Download here[/release]


Steyr HS, modeled by yours truly and textured by the amazing LT_Commander. Has bodygroups for Bolt, bipod and scope. (includes .50 cal round with a bodygroup for the bullet).[/release]


Also modeled by me, and textured by LT_Commander, has 10 screens as skingroups, see the datasheet (on the right) for more detailed stuff.[/release]


A Thief series inspired modelhack. Includes a bow with a bodygroup for drawn with an arrow, an arrow effect, and a blackjack(seen on the belt in the picture).[/release]


Ragdolled Left 4 Dead Blood Harvest campaign APC. It differs from the L4D version with minor details, due to being too detailed so it wouldn’t compile properly. Has a bodygroup for rear hatch.[/release]


Left 4 Dead 2 Humvee with enough bodygroups to feed Africa, and some skingroups. (not ragdolled because TAGGAAAAAAAAAAAART).[/release]


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, you lucky fuckers.

Merry Christmas, I’ll have something up here later today.

Quite a nice pack.

Awesome. But it’s shame that you didn’t ported the BTR90. Anyway, everything deserves a winner for me.

And what do I have to do to become a BERET BRO?

oh shit i wasn’t expecting one of these so close to christmas

but i’m certainly loving everything here so far.

Awesome, outstanding work guys! Merry christmas! :smiley:

Holy shit so much to download, so little time to do so.


Sweet deal, brah.

Dat Normandy.

Mother of fuck.

I love you guys.

These are some very pleasant presents you got here. Thanks.

Still waiting for my application to be put in by the honorable taggart.


Made my day guys, thanks!

Enhanced Citizens 3
A new era in the history of perskinning

Holy shit.

Sweet! I’ll have to check this out for sure when I get back!

I really like the citizens with rebel legging gear, from the new enhanced citizens. Do they have working eyelids?