The Second 'Psycho-Screenshot Competition': My God, is This a Habit?

The Second ‘Psycho-Screenshot Competition’: My God, is This a Habit?

Ninja Nub[NOR] (taking my place as judge)

For the next week and one half (eleven days) you will be able to compete in this competition of posing prowess. Your job is to make a pose that represents the theme given to you.

You are only allowed to submit one image as your bid to ascension; however you are allowed to submit more than one time, that is, you may update and change your submission.

The image you submit must be created after the start date of this competition; you may not submit an image that you have made previously.

You are allowed to make a submission in the form of a comic.

The orignal of your image must be based in Garry’s Mod. You may edit with third-party programs (in fact this is suggested), but it cannot be made with anything other than Garry’s Mod (like don’t even think about SFM).

The Judges and I will not participate in the competition.

In order to judge fairly, there will be several categories adding up to 30 points.
The judges will combine the scores for the final challenge between the contestants.
The three categories are:
This is judged by the originality of your screenshot.

This is judged by how realistic or reasonable your pose it.

This is judged by how well your screenshot is arranged.

Air Based Battles

This theme is to show off your ability to wage war against each other in the air! Take ideas from games such as Guns of Icarus, or films like Castle in the Sky or Steamboy.
Wage your war whether modern or fantastical in the air!
Please be creative and supportive of each other; this is a friendly competition.

Due Date
June, 5 no later than 11:59pm PST
The first three placers will be announced a full day afterward (June 1).

Some of you were probably asking, “Why should I bother with this?”
You should bother because at the end of this, I will present the victor a twenty dollar game (or any combination of games no greater than twenty dollars) off of steam.
Second place will receive a ten dollar game (or, again, any combination of games no greater than ten dollars) off of steam.
The third place user will receive an honorary mention and a guaranteed spot on the judging panel, should they desire.

Good luck, fellows!

Nifty Links
The Steam Group is through that link, and the Facebook Page is on the other end of that link.
Thank you for your support!

Organizer’s Requests
I do need one volunteer to help me judge the competition.
If anyone would like to make a banner (with easily changed text), thumbnail (for both Facebook and Steam’s profile picture), and a cover photo (for Facebook), it would be greatly appreciated.
Community Alert: Tell me a special theme for next round! I want something original!

Dibs on judge again.

[sp]pretty please?[/sp]

If you really want to judge, I’ll be more than happy to let you!

Sweet, thanks.

if there’s still room for a judge, i’m up for it

I’ll try to enter this one, though I am away until thursday at the cottage and then i leave sunday morning. But I’ll try and throw something together. Maybe I’ll bring my laptop and pose something at the cottage.

So, can we start doing our contributions then?

Yes, you may enter whenever you feel ready between now and the deadline.
You are only allowed to have one entry, but you may update that entry as many times as you want.

Because I’m a strange person, Ninja Nub, you are going to take my place as a judge.
This does not mean I am participating; it simply means I am not judging. :smiley:


spot saved

Shameless promotion?

Please participate
real prize awaits winners :smiley:

Anyway, I just thought you all should know we’re coming up on Day 5 of 11.

I’ll be posting something on here anytime soon

Two more days before the deadline!
Be sure to get your submissions in!

omg dos win c0s no1 entrd? ;dd <3

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wAit I edited it mor

mw3 themmed

I’d use this, but I made it the day before you started the competition so I figured it wouldn’t be allowed.

Oh lol I forgot I had Photoshop on this laptop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok! lets get all serious
new contest photo!

effort: 4%

final conclusion: it sucks

Awesome! Thanks for participating guys! There are 12 hours and 26 minutes left in the competition!
Please make sure to get your submission in!

Might I suggest extending the deadline for another week or two? As is there’s only 3 entries (PandaC, Raptor Jesus and lonefirewarrior), while a few others have expressed interest in entering who have not yet submitted anything.