The Sergeant; Continent 4, Episode 4

Although I’m posting it here, I suggest you read it at PHW.


Episode 1: Lee Calvert
Episode 2: Sarah Gallahan pt.1
Episode 3: Sarah Gallahan pt.2

Just because act 1 is over doesn’t mean that the series is over. If anything, the 1 year 7 month 16 day break in episodes proves that this series will never die. As long as I have the idea, I’ll keep posing, and I have ideas for what’s next.
The chain of events for the the series has occurred over the course of one day, so act two will happen tomorrow. I’ve left hints for when everything happened throughout the series, so if you’re cunning you could make an hour by hour event log, but who would want to do that? Since this act is up, I’ll be happy to answer any plot related questions that wouldn’t spoil the next episode(s).

Hey I remember this! Very nice to see a new episode out, I loved it. Good job.

Wow that was brilliant.

Very good story, which was told very well.

Very very well done sir, we need more of this shit!

I like it so far. I hope to see more sooner than later.

I found it kind of funny, however, how the woman who was pushed off the ledge clearly states “Let’s step out on the ledge no one guards that area” or someting. All it needed then was a coniving grin and the person saying “Perfect” in a sly suspicious voice.

Nonetheless it’s a good comic so far, I’ll probably go back and re-read the others too.

That was brilliant. I didn’t see that cop killing off the rebel coming, simply brilliant.

This is a great comic series.

yeah this is great , i´m glad there´s a new episode out

wow so great!