The Server Is a Retard.

My HL2: DM Server doesn’t work. I can’t host it!

I opened ports on All which should mean TCP and UDP, i tried creating a server over Source Dedicated Server, i typed shit like net_start, sv_lan 0 or heartbeat, or sv_lan 0 and heartbeat, or both… or all three. Or without one, but nothing.

Oh and i tried turning off my Firewall if you needed to know.

Assistance? I already read 500 tutorials and im pissed off since my friend and my want to play on my server since on every other i get a annoying message “Client timed out” or the VAC secure connection shit…

It happens ever since i got my new router and internet. Since then it everything up for all users of this connection (me and my brotha’)…

set up static ip

You can swear here, you know :v:

Well i thought i will be struck by admin (moderator) aboose again… so i didn’t.

Remove fuck from the entire OP so you don’t look like you’re 12 years old and it’s actually readable.


I’m so tired of helping kids host servers.


Hey you get paid to do that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Go away then? I mean, you are the one responded to this thread…
So fuck off.

I wanted to help but the immature OP and then the meme reply just pissed me off. If you want to actually get help from people who aren’t little kids and know what they’re doing you need to be mature.

Oh excuse me? You told me to remove fuck, i thought - well yes its overreacted and i removed it. Then you without no reason calling me a 12 year old kid and stop posting replies if you don’t want to help. You are just bumping it.

Now either help me, or go away. Bye.

I find it sad compwhizii is calling the OP immature when he was removed from moderator here on FP for abuse.

At least I think it was compwhizii, could have been someone else.

I didn’t abuse?

So banning 10-15 people at once isn’t abuse?. If so, why were you removed from moderator status over it?.

It was abuse.

Kewl? He really did that?


The fact that you bring this up to defend your point it pretty low.

By your logic Benji and most other mods shouldn’t be mod anymore. The truth is that you don’t know the whole story and you’re taking horrible jabs at me to try and put you in a better position. You look like a moron.

Looking at the reasons and the threads they were banned in, I think benji did his job just fine.

You however banned 10-20 people in the same thread and the reason for the bans was pitiful at best.

wow i didn’t know you were in charge