The Server is Raiding Everyone

On US Washington Offical server:

After the last 10 MB update the Decay rate has spiked incredibaly fast. Everything is decaying so fast that you cannot keep a structure up for longer than 30 min. Plus all existing bases are in the process of falling down or have been completely destroyed by the Server.

I don’t play on that server, but they’ve probably hiked up the decay rate to remove entities - all the officials have been struggling apparently. i hope its not global!!!

community servers are where its all at!!

They should have just done a wipe then because the decay rate is so high its not even worth playing now.

I’d agree with you pal!

its depressing to see my base decay at 10x the speed i found annoying. then i realize well shit i need to get a life. aka the feels :suicide: please roll it back :S