The server you are trying to connect to is running an older version of the game.

Once again, the gmod update messed it up, but apparently the servers have already been updated and others can join, just not me for some reason. Anyone know a solution?


Every time Gmod tries to update it suddenly says “update paused” even though I can see its only at 55%.

same here


it’d be nice if garry tested things before shitting them out

im sure it’d take a whole of 5-10 minutes to test

Same problem. My update actually finished, however, and servers worked for an hour or two before this started.

  1. Garry does Test it.

  2. Servers have to update.

The server I was on has already updated and I’ve played on it for an hour or more with this recent update, it just started doing this.

There is an update that was released to Steam at ~23:05 centeral Time.
Servers need an Update.

Come to my Server:

The fact that I was able to join in no way means you are right.


We like to stay ontop of things XD, But Really Servers just need an Update

please reply how do i update my server