"The server you are trying to join is running an older version" - MY SERVER ONLY/ OTHERS CAN JOIN FINE

For some reason whenever I attempt to join my server it gives me the error that the server is outdated. I’ve reinstalled the server completely, made sure to update it and all that but I am still getting this error; I had a friend of mine join the server and he could join easily so this must be on my end. I’ve reinstalled Garry’s Mod completely and I am still getting this. Does anyone have a fix for this?

I think you may have to reinstall steam. This has never happened to me before so this is the best I can help you. If you host your server off of a host and not your computer try contacting them. If not, please take my advice.

I’m using a friend’s box to host the server; reinstalling steam right now. Will get back to the thread if it’s fixed or not.