The server you are trying to join is running Newer version of the game - HELP PLEASE

Every time, on every server i have that error. I waited, thinking that the problem will be fixed, but nothing happens. I bought Garry’s Mod and i want to have access to all multiplayer servers! Fix it!

Try reinstall.

may we have a link to your steam profile page?

@Bo98 I reinstalled, didn’t worked.

My steam profile is:

i made 2 short films that showing problem:


When you reinstalled, did you remember to delete the garrysmod folder?

Fu i forget about that, ill reinstall it now…

You have all GMOD achievements and you only played it for 180 hours? Teach me master, For I have played for 1000 hours and only achieved 41% of them


Half the achievements in GMod can easily be cheated with Lua.

What about the time based ones?

I want only talking about a handful of them - misread your post in it saying some rather than all.

He probably used SAM. But yeah, just delete your Garrys mod folder, then reinstall.