the servers

while me and this guy were fighting it out the game froze and it crashed the server…FIX YOUR STUFF GUYS

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread" - postal))

Sir, It seem’s to me that you are abit Special and you didn’t notice this message

it’s also in alpha not beta not open beta not release…


you will see alot of bug’s and server crashes.

Agree with Exeagle in a way. But in his attempt to burn. The servers going down are not a result in beta/alpha/pre-alpha. The servers are currently being Ddos’ed. In saying that. AU is also down so fuck knows whats going on. Gary needs to get out of bed and look into it… THE AU servers had no indication of ddos attack before it went down…

I’d rather have Garry well rested before he starts touching anything…don’t want this to get any worse:P