The Seven Hour War - Looking for Assistance

Basically I’ve been making a Seven Hour War film for quite some time now.
And now after looking at it … it’s too generic and bland.
What I need is some assistance, specifically;

a) Voice Actors
b) Someone with a decent knowledge of the sdk faceposer (not gmod).

I have tried myself to use the faceposer but I can really only get so far.

Also, here is some of my previous work to prove that this is serious shit.


Add me on steam friends as jsricci

Thanks in advance.

Wow that first video is fucking awesome. Good work!

This is fucking incredible.

I can facepose.

My steam name is mathewg727.

I too can also help facepose, but since I have vista it’s going to take longer than anyone who has XP. I also have a 4870 and fraps, so I could record if you really wanted to (just noting that the videos weren’t in HD and the framerates were alittle weird).

Steam ID is the same as my facepunch name but I won’t show up on your friend’s list as Thrawn2787

Looks great. I would get the npc camera tool and for a couple sequences use that. Doesn’t always look nice, but I used an npc command tool and told them to move from building to building with a helicopter shooting them down and it looked amazing.

Will try that abp, sounds good, also I added thrawn and faolco to steam friends.

Ahh so THATS who you were!

added :slight_smile:

At least this isn’t one of those “I’ll be the idea guy” threads.

This looks awesome.

I used color correction, blinds, and other post processing so it looks like a recording… but seeing how the first video looks like one, you have a good way of doing it on your own.

I could do some deep, almost rough, kind of voices. As for faceposer, fuck vista. I can do it on XP but I have a vista computer now and it’s fail.

These videos are awesome! Need more!

Mkay, if your still interested, then add me on steamfriends as jsricci

Videos look great. If you need an original music score (all genres possible!) contact me, I am willing to help. Steam account is ldgoedhart!

I think i can help you at skinning/voice acting maybe.

Though, you should make the npc’s look less weird like in the second movie. They move really blocky. Maybe use players. Or something… But really good!

Ow thats u, I thought the movie realise would be comming soon. Anyway I could help ya with the faceposer I don’t have have any vids with faceposing at the moment but I have a big folder with a bunch of vcds.

I hope this ‘movie’ would becomet more than an NPC battle

It will. They were just kind of vids of PARTS. I’m gonna be faceposing alot of lines too.

i can do faceposer :


fucking amazing.