The Seven Hour War [ RPG Form! ]

I was thinking About making a server with a few friends…
Or Attempting to make one anyway,
We were thinking up Ideas For awhile and I was thinking of things I’d never seen in an RP Before…
And so I thought’ve how little we know From playing the games of The Seven Hour war except…
It lasted Seven Hours and Humanity Got their Asses kicked.
So I was thinking about how fun it would be To rp This.
Tell me how you think it would work.

Better idea: Change combines to nazis and rebels to jews.
Now that would be something unique.

That’s not original at all. And it’s indirectly racist.

+1 Disagree

Its more original than the same old combine vs. rebel. Seriously, I have yet to see one gamemode involving nazis.

You’d be correct if Judaism was a race.

Fucking idiot.

I still think it Could work,

Not only is Combine vs Rebel generic, so is Nazi Germany vs other countries.

I’m actually sick of it, everyone’s just milking the fuck out of WW2 turning it into games.

What have we, like, 50 games based on one big event? Holy shit. Hell, Just Cause 2 and Bad Company 2 did some sort of spinoff of the Japanese from WW2.

Just Cause 2; LOST Island
BC2: Start of the campaign, some secret island shit (these two kinda relate to each other in a way)

If anything, I want a Combine vs Rebels game, one that isn’t Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, but I mean big ass maps with all sorts of vehicles relating to battles during the Seven Hour War, and shit. APCs, tanks, etc for the humans, Synth Crabs, Gonarches, Striders, etc (no helicopters, gunships, or dropships. Those are human-inspired combine vehicles, especially the combine APC and trains) or a video that is professionally done about 30 minutes long. Look at War Of The Servers, incredible and over an hour long, over a simple thing called MingeBags.

The little things can be turned into big things.

Make a movie about how a soda bottle managed to derail a train, kill somebody, and help Gordon.

There. Please, just stop using WW2-related shit for ‘new’ ideas. It’s not new. It’s just overrated. Use the Cold War god damnit.

You sir,
Have inspired me to create this server.
I’ll be Sure to leave out Gunships and use Striders and The related objects.

You do understand that we are not talking about games here, but gamemodes.
Plus if OP is going to make it, it will just be a deathmatch server.