The seven hour war

Made for blooregardo’s TnB contest :

did this take you seven hours? ooh yay, a mini tornado on the end of that guy’s rifle, besides drop ship legs i don’t see any enemies

more like one and a half(the posing). Nice edit, but it’s out of enemies, and the dropship doesn’t correct that


Nice job dude. Better than what you usually do. Impressive.

What kind of enemies do you suppose there would be?

Well, a strider and a dropship… what else do you want? During the seven hour war, I doubt there would be more kind of enemies (apart from Xenos)
Also took me around 20 minutes.

Well idk that’s for the picture maker to decide, but a war against some walls isn’t going to be very fun


oh, well this is nice for 20 mins

Well I do beat the shit up of my wall. It’s actually pretty fun.
I’m always losing tho.

strider! closer


there is a hell of enemies you could use try wikipidia and half life 2. Also i apparently miss the combine in this pic because i can only focus on the soldiers

The guy closest to the camera, his gone looks too dark. The sniper looks like its sort of floating on the one guy’s body, but maybe that’s just me.

Ah, so that’s why we lost. We had XM8s.

Overpowered peice of shit XM8 :eng99:.

scar’s ftw

This or the fact that we fought against overpowered alien shits. :eng101:

Snip, NVM, Damn need to read more what’s above.
HK416 n’ 417s are better than that in MY opinion.

i know i was reffering to the guy saying that xm8’s suck


Don’t argue please. :frowning:
Criticize the actual picture please. :3

Sorry, didn’t see it. plus I reedited my post.

no… gas operated… clip size 20 rounds…not cool obviosly a scarnoob on cock of dudy Mw2

He didn’t say what kind of FN SCAR…SCAR H has the 20 mag but uses the 7.62 NATO, Seems fair to me, SCAR L has 30 rounds and uses 5.56.

Still hands on 417 N’ 416…