The shadows of Nova Prospekt.

Yeah, first “decent” screenshot. Criticism and commentary are welcome.

[sp] Look closely, and slightly to the left of the combine’s head is Slenderman. [/sp]

The posing on the combine looks REALLY wonky.

The combine looks like as if he had never handled a firearm before

The ragdoll is really shitty. The gun was actually part of the ragdoll, which pissed me off. Anything you like about the screenshot, however?

it’s really grainy, it could do with being toned down a bit. your posing in general is kind of iffy, but you’ve got camera angles mostly down at least.

Then don’t use that ragdoll. A normal combine is fine.

They’re worse…

I’d rather have a normal combine with good posing over a better looking combine with posing that makes him look like he just shat his pants and doesn’t want to work.

Hmm…good point.

Just played SLENDER. I’m not mentally equipped for this.

With the 7 Hour War Combine models you should replace the .phy file with one from the Enhanced Citizen pack. That skeleton is arguably one of the best for posing.

Y’know, the 7 Hour War combine kinda bother me anyhow. Technically, Combine Soldiers and CPs didn’t exist until after Earth’s surrender, and the Combine Collective began harvesting humans, replacing their organs and brains with machinery. The Combine would’ve fought the 7 Hour War with Gunships, Striders, and other large machines to defeat Earth’s military and air force.

“Normal” Combine look something like this, to the best of our knowledge:

Blah blah blah Half-Life continuity blah.

So where exactly do those models fit in with the continuity of Half Life, or do they at all?

They don’t. You could MAYBE make the excuse that perhaps they’re a “Combine Soldier Mk. 1” or something, but even that’s pretty flimsy. That’s why they bother me.

Meh, they could just be “Shock Troopers” that never got past the drawing board before the destruction of City 17. Kinda like all the cool shit the Nazi’s came up with, but didn’t have the proper upgrade tree, the necessary resources, and the shit timing improving their home turf instead of weapons and vehicles, to make.

Great, I just analyzed the Nazi’s failure in RTS terms :suicide:

Which is weird, because if anything they really do look like outmoded Overwatch Soldiers, using mostly human gear. It would’ve fit in better with HL2’s original style, where the Combine reclaimed, modified and reused terrestrial tech instead of synthesized their own using interdimensional ultrametal.

As far as I’m concerned, the 7HW Combine never actually existed, so I’ll never use them. Your opinion may differ.

I used the 7 hour war models because the models were less bland than defaults, and I’m not really good at posing the soldiers. Too much clipping from the kevlar.

You could always give these guys a try, if less bland is what you want. They fit into the style much better as well. The Concept Trenchcoat featured here would look great.

Thanks man, I’m going to do some posing with these right now (: