the ship.fgd troubles

Has anyone on this forum ever been able to get The Ship’s assets into hammer? I’ve downloaded the .FGD for The Ship from the link I’ve posted before and I’ve extracted the folders like the instructions read, however mounting the ship’s .fgd in Hammer doesn’t make the game’s assets appear. I’m not trying to get a completely working SDK for The Ship, I just want to be able to use its art assets with the HL2-Ep2 variety of hammer.

For clarification, I do own the ship if anyone thought I was thinking I would be able to get all the art assets with just a .fgd.

.FGD files don’t contain the models and assets, they contain the entities used in the game. (i.e. weapon_umbrella or something)

The content for the game is stored in the .gcf, which should be in steam/steamapps, which you can open with gcfscape.

okay, thanks for the help. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this game even has any .gcf files of its own. I’ve looked through everything in steamapps and a search didn’t return any .gcfs for the ship or the ship common. There apparently are gcf files for this game on the internet but the links for them are long dead.

Maybe it’s just in steamapps/common/the ship then? I don’t have the game installed myself unfortunately.

I have, it basically seems to be just an extracted version of the game’s smaller .gcf files. I can’t find the one that actually has the meat of the game.

You can also get The Ship content if you download the tool called “The Ship Dedicated Server”, custom maps like RP_Evocity uses some models from that game.

They use vpk’s, not gcf.

They can be found in the vpk folder in common > the ship

Yeah, almost forgot. All official games using the Source Engine have been moved to the common directory, SteamPipe does things pretty well huh? (Just kidding, not 100% well!)

Gah, forgot about steam pipe. Sorry!

Okay I have access to the models and materials now, I’ve been able to spawn them in garry’s mod. How can I make those assets show up in the Episode-2 variety of hammer? I have not mapped in years and I’m trying to get back into this.

Extract the models and materials and drop them into the folders in ep2.

You may also be able to use gameinfo.txt to mount the content, though I’m not sure how everything works now with SteamPipe and everything.

I should have let you guys known its working all fine now. I extracted from the vpks with gcfscape