The Ship - game support...

Can I get support for “The Ship” in Garry’s Mod? Because, I think this is not so hard. This is Source game, and this game is not in folder “common” like Left 4 Dead (or Left 4 Dead 2). So why don’t do this support?

P.S. Sorry for my English, I am from Poland…

moje ta gra nie yest supportawane w garrys mod

niewem bo niejde grawem ta gra

Are you sure the ship is a source game?

Of course I am sure… In fact, I know this from offical site! ( There it is:


The Ship is a unique multiplayer PC game developed by Outerlight Ltd., created using Valve’s Source engine."

So why not? And the files are like these in other Source games. “GameInfo” file, and maps, and etc.

And you FaythNihlus… What was that? Oo I think you want to say:

“I can’t tell you about support for this game, because I don’t have it”. Right? Because your polish (if it is a polish is not very good :()

Go to the gm_mount2 thread in Lua Scripting and ask there.

Ehhh… To bad, we don’t have offical support… Because everyone, who don’t have this “gm_mount2”, don’t have support. :confused: That why, I want offical support…