The Siege of Corillia

Lamenters chapter defending the Hive World.

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Who’s that purple guy?

And where did you get the Lamentors? D:

Very nice, love the editing cheese.

i made a custom skin for the lamentors
and the chaos guys were released in one of the various SM port packs

The lamenters get smeggered 11 ways to hell as usual. Poor fellas can’t ever catch a break

ouch, the rigging on the Slaanesh dude’s knee. not your fault of course. why’s the motion blur so… ripply?

I love the skin, the Lamenters have such a cool colour scheme, as Joazzz said the motion blue is strangely wibbly wobbly, but love this shit!! Emperor protects.

tell that to the Lamenters

radial blur, it tends to generally end up weird like that

Man GW does everything it can to make one of the few genuine good guys suffer and suffer.

Pretty awesome composition.