The sign in button doesn't work.

Is this just me, or something weird. Idk. But the sign in button after entering my email and password is completely unresponsive. Tried on internet explorer and firefox.

wrong email/password

it doesn’t respond on the site, but if you open your browsers devtools and switch to the javascript console, you’ll see a “wrong username/password” error

Is there a recover password thing? I don’t remember changing my password but I think I did and now I can’t play!

nope. just contact a dev

Who are the devs an how would I contact them… I see helk, garry, and pat - do you kow their name on facepunch? I doubt garry would reply to a message and I’v never heard of the other guys before.

I don’t actually think changing your password is possible at this point so you must have just forgotten it. Contact a dev if you can.

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You might be able to get in touch with helk, he’s a member here. I would try him but I can’t guarantee he’ll reply.

Maybe my account got removed for not using it for a period of time? The game didn’t work for me at first, so I stopped playing for a month or two. Now I can’t log in. I wrote my password down when I made the account.

If you registered with the 0000000 key your account might be gone.