The size of a 1x1 PHX Plate?

In hammer units, how large is the default 1x1 PHX Plate?

This would preferably be precise, if possible.

eem I would say about 64
Since player can fit on it

Actually its

48x48x3.6 I just checked.

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Player is 32X32X64 by the way.

I don’t know about GMod but in HL2 the player height is 72 units. 36 while crouching

72 then.

Player = 32X32X72. Haven’t run Hammer in a while, sorry.

Ughh, you’re wrong, the size is 47.44, the accuracy matters if you’re making models to fit with phx.


Wow, I’m gonna have to fav that site. Thanks, Firegod!