The size of your M4 and other guns.

So a few days ago i noticed something. The M4 takes 30 LQM when the metal wall takes 5 LQM (correct me if im wrong but its below ten). So if the M4 takes 10x as much as the metal wall that must be one big m4 dont you think?

(this post is just for humor it is not a rant i am well aware this is used to balance the guns in the game)

yeah but that math though. 5 x 10 =/= 30

I am well aware that its 50 :stuck_out_tongue: i am not sure though on how much metal it was if its five thanks for telling me i havnt built a metal base is months cause of how unreliable they are. Well by that i mean why build them when you can just make a giant fortified wood one.

Well to make all the small bits and pieces of the gun, you may need additional sheets of metal for forging small parts, rather then just 5 large, probably thing sheets

Ya i did a drawing of it and it still has around 45% of the wall left if you were to take out some of it to fill the gun and yes it is sheet metal but still has enough metal to make 1 M4. Like i said its for humor. It takes 30 so its not easy to make.

Yeah I just couldn’t resist :v:

I hadn’t really noticed it or thought about it before though. You could melt your M4 down into a fully furnished house haha.

Metal wall is 4 … and math … but we see where you are going with this

Pretty much :slight_smile: the funniest part is the metal foundation thats like solid metal right there and that amount of metal could be used to make like 20 m4s when you look at it.