The Skeleton in Nick's Closet

Haven’t posted anything fresh in like 3 weeks, so here it is and I hope you enjoy!

Skip to 0:55, listen until about 1:15, and then look at the picture,

About the Title

I used the title to describe the event shown as a damaging secret towards Nick. (That, and I got the inspiration from the name of the song for the thread music :v:)

I do not like the music bu the picture s is good.

Is it that you don’t like the band (Anthrax), or it’s not fitting? Thanks for the criticism :buddy:

the song doesn’t seem fitting that’s all.

no prob :buddy:

Oh ok, thanks Enhanced! :buddy:

That’s a very odd way to kick someone.

I was trying to make it look like how was stomping, but Clean Nick’s knees can hardly bend :confused:


Bump please

It kinda looks like he’s relying on his heel.

I’m not sure what you mean J_Hat, but thanks anyway.

Please, more comments are welcome!

He should be kicking with the back of his foot IMO mate, but the motion blur and the blood on the dude’s head is really awesome.

Also nice posing and angle :buddy:

Thanks pal :smile: