The sleeper servers

Since I have heard of these “sleeper” servers I thought it was a pretty bad idea. Now I think it would be cool if it was on a few “Hardcore” servers for the people that live off of raiding. So now to why I think this is a bad idea.

 1) I'm guessing this feature is suppose to make the game feel more realistic, but I mean if you where actually there and and someone was slamming on your door with a hatchet you would wake up!  However with this your away from the computer and will happily sleep through someone hatching your body to death, not very "realistic" now is it?

 2)If this feature is added it's supporting the already terrible community of destroying peoples houses and killing everyone.  The raiders will think "hey theres defiantly gunna be loot in these houses lets smash them all down!".  Again this would be good for a hardcore server, but it seems like the dev's are supporting the people that raid!

In conclusion I think it would be REALLY good idea to have this on hardcore servers but not on other servers where people want to be chill and build a base and such. If you support or disagree with me please leave a comment!

               Just my 2 cents on this game, have a good day! :D

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Two threads we are already discussing this ^.^ come discuss with us? :slight_smile: