The Slender Man

There was a Slender Man Ragdoll a while ago, but it wasn’t very good, and is no longer available.

Here’s some pictures. Preferably, there’d be three seperate ragdolls, seeing as he’s supposed to be able to alter his height and amount of limbs. Decent images were REALLY hard to find, so I did the best I could. One of the images in particular isn’t too good, but it gives you a good idea of what he looks like. Height for the two tall freakisly tall ones would be around three times as tall as the average male ragdoll, while the creepily tall one would be about three heads taller then the average male ragdoll.

Many-armed, long limbs, and freakishly tall:

Freakishly Tall with long limbs:

Creepily Tall:

Would make for more Slender Man GMod pictures.

I’ve seen, what? 2 or 3 slender man GMod pictures? Out of what seems like over 10,000 images of GMod pictures.

His face would have to be flat.

And all the Gmod pictures are of that unavailable, very un-Slender Man like model.

that would be pretty cool for a Gmod ragdoll.

Yes, which is why this topic needs more attention.

I made one yonks ago that wasn’t tall but still slendie man. i lost it.

That’s a shame. There are yso many reasons to have these models. They’d make for freaky as shit poses, for one thing.


indeed it must

eh, you ever notice that every slenderman in gmod is a faceless, hairless gman? why doesnt anyone use the spy as a slenderman?

very very wrong, fool

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no, we already have a slenderman.

stop bumping

oh shit, i was indeed wrong. ah well. :smiley:


bad thing is the download is removed, since filefront is shit when it comes to saving files
you can probably PM the OP though, he could re-upload it for you and the rest of the people begging like hobos