The Slums of District 10

The Slums of District 10


C&C please.


Thanks. :geno:

I like it. Feels kinda cozy, if that’s what you were aiming for when you were editing it.

I was kind of aiming for a run-down town sort of look. But yeah, I guess it’s pretty cozy. :buddy: Thanks.

The editing does it for me, it DOES look Cozy like Butthurter said.

I was expecting prawns :frowning:

Hmmm. I like it.

And you got vortigaunts. Shame.

looks pretty good, but for some reason, i don’t like the camera angle

Pretty good overall, I like the feeling of the pose in general. The only thing that bothers me is the posing on the running combine soldiers, seems awkward.


nice prop posing! :wink:

I like the editing, I just don’t like the angle. It looks like a weird scene a bit.

Crowded is the word you’re looking for.

I like it, but that second guy on the bottom left is floating.

Pretty sweet. Kinda atmospheric. The posing on the Combine soldiers looks a tad stiff though.


I wouldn’t use coloured grain in the future though.

Thanks everyone for commenting! I’ll remember not to use colored grain. Thanks.

Ooh, as a tip for running/jogging poses (especially while holding two-handed things like rifles), swing the shoulders to one side a little. For example, when the left leg is in the air, the right shoulder should be slightly lower than the left and more forwards. Depending on how fast the person is moving you can vary the extent to which the shoulders differ.

Thanks! I’ll remember that too.