The smal/llittle PHX Ship
Just a small little ship I made out of PHX, Hydraulics, and buttons.
Pictures are in the download, also the ship will tilt when opening the door

It looks more like a submarine than a ship sorry.

I know, but since source doesn’t allow water displacement, that thing isn’t going under
But, I will make a submarine

Is there a seat hidden inside or is it numpad controlled?

The ship? It’s not controllable, it was meant as a building example to build on
The submarine is fully controllable, though

Thanks for the laugh.


Just taken from the first page of the WIP thread. You best be trolling.

Excuse me, but how is posting a simple contraption trolling?

its alright cause its smal

lol typo

I like it. Make it more detailed.

No pictures?

Its a few PHX props welded together, don’t expect me to say anything good about it… Well, at least you tried.

This is a revolutionary vehicle, it’ll change the submarine industry forever!

Can it move and shoot at the sa- nvm.

Op ~10 y/o

That’s an over-estimation.

This post may be funny, but the scary thing is it’s probably also spot on.

Posting a simple contraption isnt trolling, posting one you know is significantly subpar and unwanted for the sake of our reactions is.

I’m dead serious.