the small things

this game is great and is currently making me fail my last year of education. yippppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy. there is just small things that needs to be taken care of before i can say that this game is one of the best games i have played. i have currently over 1000 hours plays and i feel that there should be a way of picking up all of the loot off a dead character. will make fights and quick get away a lot easier. secondly i loved it we the crystals where introduced into the game i got excited for the reason on weapon customization. but was really disappointed when it gave me stones:(. i have seen on the devblog that they where looking into the customization. but it suddenly stopped. my last point is that rust legacy hand more of a gun on gun combat, i feel that rust needs that to carry on it legacy (no pun intended) more and a lot more guns need to be added in the game. i must be like a ranking system in a way. if must be a 1 in 10000 chance of finding the top gun but must build up towards it. theres a shit load of melee weapons but know you need to start adding in new and creative guns…

soory if wasted time, just wanted to give my 50 cents worth of info…

Crystal AK?!?!?! no seriously they kinda try to hold the game longer in the tribal Phase thats how it feels to me. so they should Implement some Useful Meele and Ranged weapons for early game. No ones gonna Use meele stuff cuz they are not useful right now some with a bow and a decent amount of skill can easily take you out without a problem.

Ranged stuff is always better. Maybe they will introduce and Longbow or an Compound bow with slitly longer draw time

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Crystal AK?!?!?!

When I mean crystals I mean that if u harvest it will give u crystals or sometype of glass to do modifications so guns. They must add in metal spear of some sort. A compound bow of some sort with proper iron sights for aiming.

“Loot all” and shift-click fast looting were both taken out specifically to make you more vulnerable when looting. It was completely intentional to add those extra few seconds. It makes looting riskier if you haven’t secured the area. If this is a problem, Rust may not actually be the game for you.

Also, in today’s update, spears have been nerfed to make the other melee weapons viable, and there’s now a precision nerf to arrows to prevent people cheating with the bow and artificial zoom. There’s no need to go the other way and add aiming to the bow and make the spear even more powerful.

I think that change was only for the bolt action mate, you never could fire your bow without aiming in the first place so I don’t see how you could have exploited hip shooting the bow in the first place.

Pretty sure it’s the bolt only, I’m still able to do hip shooting just fine with my AK from a mile away.