The Smoker standing underneath the helicopter coming for the now-dead survivors


Posing is nothing special but thats some sexy editing there.
I rated artistic.


God you’re such a bad troll ever since you went “lol more potatoshop less gmod”

I see:
The helicopter(is a prop)
The smoker(you freezed him in the air and moved his arms a little bit)
Am I right?

You’re WRONG.
The smoker is competely intricately posed as i spent an hour on him, the reason you can’t see all of him is because would you want 50% of the pic to be a rooftop or focused on the smoker?

WO wo wo wait an hour?
Dude hes just. . . just standing there. Why did this take 1 hour?

A: Valve’s skeleton is broken
B: I wanted to make sure he was exact.

Judging from your maturity, I must admit that I’m impressed at how you figured out you could make it stand properly.

There’s a single ragdoll and you can’t see half of it! What is so amazing on this pose? Seriously, partner, learn to take criticism. The posing really isn’t anything special, it’s just a smoker ragdoll. And the edit is cool, like most of Chesty’s edits, but seriously, you really don’t deserve edits by Chesty if you’re always immature like this.

A:Ever heard about that trick for posing? It makes posing very easy.
B:What do you mean by exact? Exact like in the game or what?

You don’t deserve oxygen if you think that posing valve’s really really fucked up skeletons is easy.


Exact as in every limb and part of him looked realistic

I posed tonns of smokers for practice and they were easy as hell.
Posing humans is much harder.

It’s still a simple idle pose. The fact that it’s a broken ragdoll doesn’t make your pose any more special. :downs:

Why am I even arguing with you? Someone said something true and you went all bitchy about it, that’s all you do, you reply to people who point out mistakes or tell you what could be improved on your picture with flaming:

And this incredibly mature reply to someone who said that your picture was too dark:

Note that I’ve taken all of these immature replies from a single thread of yours. So tell me, what’s your problem? Listen up, kid, people will start treating you like a retard if you can’t take criticism. In fact, they already have, in this thread.

The smoker doesnt even look realistic.
This would be a realistic pose for him:

Here’s the cropped version because it looks better:

Indeed thats a cool edit.

Whoa nice lights there Chesty.
And at least you kept the pose simple DB, and it went well :v:

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the smoker is clearly very well posed. That doesn’t mean that the picture is boring and should have taken much less than an hour to pose, but it’s a fact that the smoker is well posed.

In the end though, I had fun editing the picture.

This took 3 minutes.

I don’t even think it’s physically possible to spend 1 hour posing this thing. Unless you were purposely not getting the pose right until you spent 57 minutes on it.

Oh, and sexy awesome editing Chesty. The light and shadow on the smoker is excellent.

Much better result than what I could have done.

You know, Vman… I’d say DB posed it better.

Then again, he spent an hour on his.

Gracias for the comment on the editing mate.