The smooth criminals of Tf2, reshaken and mixed up.

I dunno, I remade it with the black and white skins.
Then I got kinda in the groove of posing and added a load of others and heavy.

(Obivious song is very obvious) (Low on time/patience? Skip the song to 0:15)

Heavy is so awesome he joins in too!

I love the guy in the back doing the lean.

Awesome pic, but the heavy’s hat looks like its clipping or it is way to ehmm stuck in his head? dunno how to say it but maybe you get me lol

Awesome, but the burning on the spy in front looks off

Wait, that wasn’t there before the uploading?
A flaw in .png compression?

You definitely edited that in

Your talking about the general burning on the spy? Or the weird blob of grey at his hip?
The blob wasn’t there before compressing, neither showing in photoshop.
The general burning was photoshopped :3:

yeah I meant the general burning

I don’t like the white tie. it looks so aliased D:

Oh that’s good looking, but the tie… not so much.

Blame the skinner for the tie, not me :3:

More comments?

This is great, I love this. Keep it up friend!