The Sneaky Pyro V2


I love it.

Oh someone gonna get axed in teh back

That’s really sweet.

oh, did someone say upstage?

Perfect example of using mat_picmip -10, it’s pretty damn awesome.
Good job.

I like the shading on the axe blade, looks like actual metal wear-and-tear.

Very nice. I like the DoF.

Your Mad Jack avatar gives me the creeps.


I like how the Engy’s face looks so high quality, reminds me of "Meet The"s.

how do you make it look so HQ?

Great quality, but what is the yellow thing behind the pyro’s hat?

I turned around the hat so the medal is on the back.

No idea why.

Probably because you’re just Enhanced_AI and you’re so awesome all your pictures are instantly awesome too, this one included.

Well, there you go again. Making awesome TF2 screens that make me feel inadequate. :v:

Nah, I jest pal. It looks nearly flawless. The posing is spot on, as is the face/finger posing; it’s a really good use of the HWM models. Camera angle is awesome, it really leaves no empty space. Now the only things that bother me is the minor clipping on the Pyro’s arm and the Pyro’s hat. Also, I think that if you didn’t want the medal to show, you probably should have used the medal-less hat.

All-in-all, fantastic work.

Very colorful and appealing to the human eyes

I actually turned the hat around for kookyness.

sexy ass lighting