The Sniper about to fight Golem.

Holy shit, crossovers.

O lol, I just love the lower hand posing of sniper. And the headband. I should play TF2 again sometime…

The sniper’s upper hand could be further to the front of him, but meh, it’s TF2, let’s not nitpick too much.

“Hmmmm, this is a problem”

You’ll only understand if you have played Zeno Clash.

Sniper is so fucked, nice posing.

This is weird, whenever I post something it automatic rate me dumb…

*"Ah was trained by the best ya wanka!

Nothin’ can defeat Saxton Hale’s trademarked KAR-ate!"*

God damn we need a Saxton Hale model…

Kick his ass sniper! It’s a very good idea.

Thanks people.

Needs more comments, I feed on comments.

I forgot, the facial expression is ace too.

I’ll have to second, whatever that golem is, sniper’s seriously fucked.

Oh! I was expecting Gollum for some reason =0 But cool picture! (PS: Does ANYONE Know where the better PHYS FOR THE TF2 MODELS are?)

I really like the snipers pose

Awesome. And why rate Hairybastard dumb? he’s right.

it’s the auto dumb rating thing.