The Sniper and Heavy Stare Eachother Down

Digging through my documents, found this. It’s pretty old, forgive the horribly shitty blood. Posing is a little weird, too. Criticism is welcome.

It looks alright but the blood looks purple.

Is the sniper climbing RED or BLU?

blood loses the red color quickly due the lack of oxygen so it turns purple in say…30 to 60 seconds

interesting…what map?

cp_egypt probably.

why does everyone make him hold the kukri backwards… its not a scimitar

rant over… other than that… its good i guess… though that heavy looks odd to me… im sure its nothing

lol, my bad. I see what you mean about the heavy. The DoF isn’t affecting him at all, and it’s making him stand out way too much. I think I still have the save of this, if I find it I’ll go back and make some changes.