The Sniper and Spy trying to kill each other,while another Sniper throws jarate at...

…them. I thought that’d fit lol.

I like this one because I put a lot of time into it,I don’t think it’s of excellent quality but i like it. If you could be bothered to C&c that’d be great.

Also, here’s the spy-crab caverns

Spy-Crabs one is funny, also is that a piss jar?

the blur on the jarate and the muzzle plash in the first one could of been better but overall posing is nice

second pic…INCREDIBLE!
fisrt pic… FUNNNY!
indeed great job on those!

Honestly, this post would be the long and short of what I would say.
Excellent job

Why is there a big fat line on the machete?

Both are funny and great but the muzzleflash is a little odd in the first picture.

Because That’s part of the skin that I got for it. It has nice wood, not metal though, I’ll reskin it.

I was going for the tf2 type muzzle flash by the way,which is like a ball with a point.

The Sniper and Spy look like they are trying to hold hands.

I lol’d at the spy crab caverns :v:

Muzzleflash looks like a candle and the Jarate is really blurred.
The posing is good though, second picture is hilarious.

Technically one of the two shouldn’t worry about that jar

They’re both gonna get doused with piss though.

Ahaha the face poses in the first pic are priceless

great job on both

Nice, but it’s a blue spy and red Sniper. Who’s the other sniper:red or blue?

Red spy and Blue sniper being jarated by a red sniper.